Alulogic Sp. z o. o. - manufacturer of aluminum joinery

Our modern aluminum joinery

Aluminum doors

We manufacture exterior and interior aluminum doors, including: panel doors, undersliding and folding patio doors, as well as fire and burglar-proof doors

Aluminum windows

We offer diverse design solutions for aluminum windows, including but not limited to: sliding windows, fire windows, burglar proof windows, and energy efficient windows

Aluminum facades

We manufacture aluminum and glass facades, including in burglar-proof structures, high thermal insulation and fireproof mullion and transom walls

Winter gardens

Our conservatory structures, as well as orangeries, verandas or vestibules, facilitate direct contact with nature and the surrounding landscape and allow you to enjoy them all year round


Surface roofing in the form of a pergola is a stylish addition that fits in with the trends of modern construction - for example, the development of terraces, garden spaces, as well as the roofing of summer gardens in cafes or restaurants

Glass partitions

We offer modern solutions for making partitions and glass partitions m. in. When arranging offices, commercial and service premises or public buildings, including profiles with a thermal barrier

Fire and smoke control systems

The fire doors, windows and walls we manufacture provide maximum safety and durability in extreme conditions.
The offered elements of fireproof and smoke-proof joinery create a passive fire safety system

Anti-burglary woodwork

Our burglar-proof window and door designs are based on solutions that use elements that increase resistance to outside interference: burglar-proof glass, special anti-burglary elements or hardware designed for this type of application

Passive and energy-efficient joinery

We manufacture aluminum joinery, dedicated to energy-efficient and passive construction - including: doors for passive houses, energy-efficient windows, as well as facades with high thermal insulating power

Why choose us as an aluminum joinery manufacturer?

Industry experience

Modern production facility

Efficient implementation of contracts for companies and institutions

Tested and certified designs

Professional advice and expert knowledge

Convenient lead times

Professional installation

Alulogic aluminum joinery - advantages and benefits of application

Aluminum joinery, manufactured by Alulogic Sp. z o.o., is a guarantee of quality and long service life. The aluminum structures we make are characterized by high thermal and acoustic insulation, while maintaining a light, modern and elegant appearance. Our aluminum joinery also means durability and safety.

We manufacture structures for aluminum windows and doors, aluminum and glass facades, as well as conservatories and pergolas. Our offer also includes fire protection and smoke extraction systems, burglar-proof structures, as well as energy-efficient joinery and dedicated joinery for passive construction.

The aluminum structures we make are resistant to mechanical damage, temperature changes or moisture. In addition, they are not deformed by heat and UV rays, as well as perfectly withstand the harshest weather conditions. The tremendous strength of aluminum also allows it to be used perfectly to create impressive glazing with large areas, which is particularly evident in aluminum-glass facades.

The aluminum joinery we produce also means variety and flexibility in terms of colors and shapes. At the same time, aluminum structures are lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, virtually maintenance-free and long-lasting. In addition, burglar-proof windows and doors, as well as fire protection systems, significantly increase the level of security, while design solutions for energy-efficient and passive joinery minimize energy losses and increase the thermal comfort of buildings, thereby optimizing the cost of their use.

As a result, the Alulogic Sp. z o.o. aluminum joinery can please the user for many years.

These are also the reasons why our aluminum joinery is widely used in public buildings and companies and institutions, such as banks, hotels, shopping malls, showrooms or health centers and offices. Aluminum joinery is also increasingly being used successfully in single- and multi-family residential construction.